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What's happens when we are done?

Once your project is complete the remainder of you balance will need to be paid. Your deposit will be taken off of the total and you can pay with cash or card. Aftercare will be provided by the artist for tattoos and usually a file link or shipping info will be provided on art projects. Feel free to contact us if you have any issues or questions. We love hearing feedback after you have come to see us.

How much will it be?

Each piece is going to be different so there will be a different price for every job. Tattoos start a $100. Company Logos and Clothing Designs start at $300 for full color designs. It doesn't cost anything to do a consultation so feel free to let them know if you have a budget in mind.

How to get a consultation?

Feel free to email the artist you like directly. They will guide you through the process and get you hooked up with the best solution for your needs. Most consultations can be done online but some may need to be done in person. Which ever fits best. When booking an appointment you will be required to put down a deposit ($100 for tattoos)

Ethical Guidelines?

We want everyone to have the piece of their dreams. From time to time we may have to pass on a job due to copyright or ethical reasons. As a studio we do not use other peoples tattoos as reference out of respect to the original artist an client that worked hard to make it. Making you an original piece usually doesn't start with stealing someone else's.

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