Common Questions and Answers.

Here is a list of common questions that we often get through Facebook and other similar social sites that is designed to help new clients get an idea of how our process works.


Clients tab is password protected. The password is only given to our clients.


Where is Unspoken Art Studio located?

We have now Moved to 7151 Savannah Drive, Newburgh In 47630


Do any of your artists travel out of state?


Our artists will often do conventions and guest spots in different cities and information can be found on their pages as well as on our shop page. If you are interested in having an artist come to your city please send them a message or email.


We take walk-ins 11am to 8pm | Monday to Saturday

How do I book an appointment?

Feel free to contact the artist you would like to be tattooed by via Email, Social Media or call the studio. The artist will let you know what the best way to consult. They cay have you come in for a consultation, Video chat via Skype for our long distance clients and possibly just through Email. We are very flexible and can usually work with everyone. After the consult is done we will email you a deposit invoice of $100 to your email. Once paid you get a confirmation and you all set. Well see ya soon!



Why do I have to put down a deposit?


Everyone puts down a $100 non-refundable deposit.

From time to time people do not show, change their mind or chicken out so the artist and shop loses money on the time they had for you.

The deposit goes toward the total cost of your tattoo and only gets taken if you do not show up.

You are allowed to reschedule your tattoo session up to 24hrs of your appointment time and date and are only allowed 3 reschedules.

I live hours away, do I have to come in?


If you live out of town please contact the artist directly via email or Facebook and they will give you information and book your appointment personally.



Does it hurt?


The pain level is subjective to the clients personal pain tolerance levels. All we can say is that it definitely feels permanent. lol


Is everything sterile?


We use nothing but the best materials for each set up.

All packaging is pre- sterilized from the factory and everything is one time use and then disposed of properly.

How long does it take to heal?


Depends on your skin type and the artists hand pressure. No one heals the same and no one tattoos the same. The average heal time using normal A&D ointment is around 7 to 14 days. Other products can heal you in as little as 3 to 5 days. Each artist will recommend a specific treatment that will best suit your needs.

How long until I can tan? swim? gym?


All heal times are subject to size, detail, length of session and aftercare process, but the recommended time to heal is usually 2 weeks.

-We don’t recommend that you tan your tattoo, ever. Use a high SPF sunblock when in the sun to lengthen the life of your tattoo. On average it takes about 2 weeks for a tattoo to become healed enough to resist sun irritation.

-Swimming in pools will dry out a tattoo and make it become painful. High chlorine levels will irritate fresh tattoos. Lakes or any other bodies of water will contain elements that you absolutely DO NOT want to submerge a fresh tattoo in. It will take at least 2 weeks before you swim.

-Gyms or any activity areas are highly contaminated with germs and can easily be spread to open wounds and fresh tattoos. Sweating into a tattoo can also cause it to dry out and crack and/or can cause infections. 2 weeks is recommended.

Do you do fix-ups or cover-ups?

Yes, Our artists are top notch and can explain what will and will not work if you come in and let us see your tattoo. We charge $150 an hour for fix ups and cover-ups.

Do color tattoos hurt more than black and white tattoos?


No, Black is a color too. Long sessions tend to hurt worse than short ones.

Are touch ups free?


We charge a $20 fee to touch up a tattoo.

A touch up should be less that 5 to 10 minutes, anything longer is considers adding on to your tattoo and is treated different.

If you damage your tattoo by neglecting aftercare or abusing your fresh ink we are not responsible for a touch up and you could get charged full price. We rarely have to fix things but everyone heals different and sometimes it is necessary.



How much are tattoos?


A question we get way to often….

Their is no simple way to answer that. There is no price sheet for specific tattoos so each one will be priced a little different based on size, detail and body location. We have a $100 minimum and charge based on the job, not how long it takes. 


What if I don't have enough money?


Don't get tattooed yet.... Tattoos can be beautiful works of art but can also be quite the opposite. Save your money and treat yourself. Its the only thing you will ever buy that follows you to the grave. If you have a budget in mind then feel free to let the artist know. Working with a budget means you're going to get the best possible piece for the dollar amount you want to spend. 

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