"I have been tattooed by Tony Trip, the owner of Unspoken Art Studio many times, including once at his new shop. Tony and his crew are all excellent tattoo artists. The Unspoken Art Studio Shop is also ultra clean and modern. All in all a great place to go for a tattoo."

- Sandman / Radio King @103 GBF


"He will take your ideas and give you what you want, only better. The shop is immaculate, the other artists are super as well, and I don't plan on going anywhere else. I have seen the reality shows on TV, and none of those guys can hold a candle to Trip. Go there...give him money...get awesome ink...you won't regret it."

- Andy Jones / Teacher


"First thing you notice when you walk in his how clean it smells, and that's how it should be! I'd refer anyone here before I referred them anywhere else!"

- Brandon Gabriel / College Student


"Classy shop, good people, great price, exceeds health dept. regs by miles, and the work is BEYOND top notch!! You guys have my business and recommendations for LIFE!!"

- Josh "Gunny" Brown / Soldier



Unspoken Art Studio

7151 Savannah Dr, Newburgh, IN 47630


Our old location from 2013 to 2019.

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