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7150 Savannah Drive | Newburgh IN | 812-805-0083

est. 2013


-How To Draw Animals.

-Understand Human Anatomy.

-How To Draw your Pet.

-Toons For Goons!

-Highlight And Shadows.

-Getting Perspectives Right.

-Using Color Theory.

-Fundamentals Of Lettering.

-How To Make Logos.

-Buying and Selling Art.

-Flowing With Watercolor.

-Graffiti And Street Art 101.

-Drawing With Technology.

-Getting Into 3D Graphics.

-How To 3D Print Ideas.

-Fun With Projection Mapping.

Available Classes

   New hours starting July 1st 2019   

No Knock Offs, Off Brands or Bootlegs, Proudly Using the absolute best.

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