How things normaly go...

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1) Free Initial Consultation.

Lets go over your ideas, questions and options for your new design or video. Understanding what you are going for is a big first step in any project. 


2) After consulting with the client we send a basic set up to see what shapes and lettering styles they prefered before starting the final design. These are rough basic designs that show ideas and concepts. We do this to make sure we are on the same path and saves time in the end.  (Pic1)


3) Once you decide a direction, we came up with a pre rendered design of the logo for approval. This is how the logo would appear on most shirts or printed merch and promo items. After the approval we move forward to final design and color choices.

(Shape 6-7, Letter 4 and Font 1)(Pic2)


4) Once all tweeking is done a rendered version is made and sent for approval. The final color scheme is decides by the client, referances are good but not always needed.  (Pic3)


5) Once approved all files are emailed and any remaining balance is paid. Files will include any request sizes and formats. Files are sent via email but a hard copy can me mailed at clients request.



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