Hydro Gel Aftercare-

You might receive Hydro-gel from the artist after your tattoo. This is a reminder on how to use the product we gave you.

Once you get home...

-Rinse your tattoo with clean hands and make sure to       remove any remaining bits of blood.

-Pat dry with clean paper towel or let air dry.

-Apply the gel to the entire tattoo with clean hands         making sure to go at least an inch outside of the piece.

-Allow gel to dry totally, until gel is no longer sticky         and is absolutely dry to the touch.

-Do not mess with it again until you take a shower.

-The next time you take a shower rinse the gel, pat dry   and put the gel on again. 

-Continue this cleaning procedure until you have used   THE ENTIRE BOTTLE of gel. Usually 5 to 7 days.

-Once the bottle is done apply lotion to the area once   a day. Lotion will keep the skin fresh and the ink   bright. 

Things you may feel while using the product.

-If the tattoo becomes itchy it is usually due to the skin being dry or the hair growing back. If this happens apply another layer of gel or lotion and it should sooth the itchiness.


-Strong pain in a specific spot usually about 2 inch by 2 inch is due to the gel not being applied thick enough in that spot so it feels raw compared to the rest of the piece. Clean the spot and apply more gel to the spot and allow to dry.

View Guard Aftercare-

Once you leave the studio you may have chosen the View Guard, Here is how to use it. 

-Leave View Guard on for 5-7 days.

-Peel off View Guard in shower on your last day.  

-Scrub your tattoo with your hand and soap until tattoo is       completely clean and rinse.

-Use lotion to keep tattoo from getting to itchy and dry.

Things to remember

be 10 min early and have 2 forms of i.d.

eat before getting tattooed. it will help relax you. 

we have a small selection of sodas and water here for you to help youRself to. but you are welcome to bring your own.

We can usually play any music or videos you like but if you like to get in the zone bring your head phones to zone out.

dress for your tattoo and Wear comfortable clothes.  

Tips for a more comfortable tattoo

-Ice will help swelling. Apply ice wrapped in a clean cloth when you get home to reduce swelling and redness.

-Take your recommended dose of anti inflammatory like Ibuprofen to help swelling.

-Leg tattoos can swell if you're constantly standing, keep legs propped up when you can to help ease the discomfort.

-Tattoos can begin to get irritated if clothing is constantly rubbing on it. Wrap tattoo in clean paper towel and tape into place to the clothing rubs on the paper towel instead of the tattoo. DO NOT USE PLASTIC WRAP. Plastic stops the tattoo from breathing and prevents the tattoo from healing quickly.

-Bed sheets should be safe from ink if you allow Hydro Gel to dry completely 

-Stay out of the sun, direct sunlight burns the skin and drys out the tattoo. 

-Cool showers may help relax the tattoo and ease discomfort. Some say warm is better, so try in small increments.


-We don't usually have to do touch ups but we are aware everyone heals different. If you followed our directions and it   didn't heal to your liking you have 30 days to come back and show us or email us with your concerns. 

-We guarantee our work so any touch ups within 30 days will be taken care of by our artists for no cost.

-After 30 days we will charge you the $100 minimum and extra time needed to fix the tattoo.  

-Most minor touch ups can be handled during your next tattoo for no cost as well. Please speak to artist for scheduling.

Things of possible concern

Once you leave the studio it is up to you to keep your tattoo clean and dry as well as follow our after care instructions completely. If you do not follow the directions you could possibly end up with an infection from objects you come in contact with. This will be very painful,

hot to the touch and usually becomes filled with infectious material. Keep your fresh tattoo away from pets, children and any other contaminated surfaces to prevent this from happening. In the event this happens please contact artist immediately for assistance.

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